Are you searching for an exciting and motivating Keynote Presenter to headline your event? Scott is available both locally and nationally to provide you with a presentation to remember. By booking Scott for your school, church, conference, or event you too can enjoy what thousands of captivated parents have declared as  “The best parent seminar I have ever attended!” 


Scott Peebles brings his exciting, informative keynotes to towns all over the Western United States.


     You will be providing a presentation that is motivating, entertaining, educational and just plain ol’ fun!  Scott calls it “Slightly Off the Wall Parenting.”  You’ll call it amazing!  The parents you represent will stand up and applaud you for giving them this gift of a renewed purpose, feeling affirmed, and a passion for their kids alive with possibilities. And we all need that!

     As your speaker or trainer, Scott’s goal is simple, “To provide parents and educators with the most useful, practical, and exciting presentation they have ever attended.”

     Scott's client list ranges from local elementary schools and child development centers to Arizona State University, to the biggest names in corporate America including:  Bank of America, IBM, FedEx, General Electric, Aetna. So no matter how small or how big your event or organization is, Scott can provide an exciting program for you.


Scott's parenting seminars can answer your parent's questions.

     Scott has answers and simple solutions for parenting preschoolers to high schoolers that will make their life so much easier and happier. All of scott's Keynotes, Parent Workshops, and Seminars are chocked full of fast and fabulous fixes that work!  Fixes and easy solutions parents and educators can take home and use today  with their kids and students:

     From  ...  how to solve the terrible melt down tantrums at the storeto  ...  getting rid of the monsters under the bed for good,   to  ...  teaching teens responsibility.  Scott has the unique distinction of truly being an expert (with all the education, credintials, experience and everything!) and also being blessed with the gift of taking all this great information and presenting it in a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience  for all those who attend. His is a rare combination of advanced knowledge, and ability, to light up a room with laughter and enjoyment.

     For more information and availability on bringing Scott to your school, church, conference, or event  …  and giving your audience a presentation to remember  ...  call to speak with Scott today to get your event on his schedule for this year.

Scott Peebles presents KidSafe Live! A safety seminar for parents. Scott Peebles give the keynote address for Crossroads of Childhood IX Scott Peebles presents KidSafe Live! A safety seminar for parents.

"Scott, you remind me of why I chose to work with kids. Thank you!!!"
~ Suzanne Perez, Guidance Specialist, Los Aliso Intermediate School

“Scott, your program was fantastic!!! It was the best class of the conference. YOU should have been the keynote speaker! The Do – Do’s, the Magic Rewards, the Clicker, Time In, ABC’s of behavior, The BIG NO Sheet—loved it all!”

~ Susan Austin, Anaheim, CA

“Scott provided a great parenting workshop to our students and staff. His applications of his ideas are excellent, and he offers it all up in a practical doable package. Highly recommended!”

~ Brad Overholser, Graduate Professor MFT Program, Hope International University

“Amazing speaker, amazing info!”

~ Michelle Hallberg, Fountain Valley, CA

"In just a couple of hours you made me feel as if I had attended a positive and motivational weekend retreat!! WOW – what an incredible parent workshop!!!"

~ Rosa Elena Pill, Fullerton, CA

"Scott, the message you are sharing is priceless!!!"
~ Wendy Osborn, Laguna Hills, CA

"Scott has an excellent understanding of working with children and parents. His ideas and workshops are just so creative, innovative, and humorus! Thank you so much Scott for great tools I can use in my work with kids!"
~ Arlene Yamamoto, Long Beach, CA

"I love Scott's personality! He is a truly great speaker who brings fun to learning. Words hardly express how much I enjoyed his workshop."
~ Colleen Hedley, Yuba City, CA

“Great speaker, very informative, lots of laughter, and he’s as funny as ‘H E double toothpicks!’”
~ Stephany Johnson, Buena Park, CA

“Best speaker on children I have ever heard! Where can I here more? Thank you so much!”
~ Brena Harb Fiore, Cypress, CA

Scott’s KidSafe Program is excellent for parents of young children who want to learn how to keep them safe, especially from a law enforcement perspective. He has a great presentation style that keeps his audience interested the entire time. Thank you Scott!”
~ Clint Bieball, Detective, Costa Mesa Police Department


Scott Peebles is a staff trainer and keynote speaker in Orange County, Californa

Scott is a professional speaker at local and national conferences. Conferences
Scott is a local and national speaker hosting parent education workshops. Parent Education Workshops
Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. Staff Development and In-Service Training
Scott is a local and national speaker leading staff development seminars and in-service training. Retreats



National and Regional Conferences
School Districts
Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
Child Development Centers
Non-Profit Organizations
Foster Family and Adoption Organizations

If you are searching for a speaker on Children, Teens, Parenting, or how to help or work with them ~ give Scott a call  ~  he's the speaker or trainer you've been searching for.